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Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production

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Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production is a film production company based in California, United States. Members of the company consist of a well-glazed team of film and music professionals who bring a variety of attributes. The company offers exceptional skills in editing, cinematography, and score composing. Our intention is to make movies that will captivate audiences worldwide who are looking for complex, imaginative, and motivational narratives. Our goal is to elicit a favorable response and motivate humanity.

Moving forward, we aim to produce a range of environmental films that unite people for the good of the environment. Fantastic and memorable original soundtracks go hand in hand with that.

Our documentaries are driven to wake up your senses along with wonderment, and knowledge. Our films are created to attract those looking for excitement, those searching for beauty in life’s experiences, and yet known to excite and thrill audiences.

We produce feature films, shorts, music videos and commercials.

What We Can Offer You

Film Industry. Filming with Professional Camera.


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Score Composing

Entrust your story to our award-winning cinematography team, and let us bring it to life.

We provide both audio and video editing, making use of Avid Media Composer, After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Final Cut Pro is another tool we utilize on smaller projects.

Let us bring your story to a finished master.

Let Steven Vitali provide emotional strength for your film. His melodies and arrangements are memorable, and timeless. Steven Vitali, who has been represented by Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, Captiol Records, and Sony Music in one way or form.

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Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production

Award-winning editing,

cinematography, composing!


it to us!

We offer exceptional skills in pre-production, film production, post production, editing, cinematography, photography, and score composing.

© 2024 Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production

Powerful Music

Mood Builder

His Music Appears to a Very Large Audience

Steven Vitali's music appeals to anyone who has a desire for inspiration and tranquility. Vitali's music is a powerful mood builder for radio, film, and television. His music attracts those searching for beauty in life's experiences, and yet is known to excite and thrill audiences.

Steven finds inspiration in matters of the heart, reflection in nature's own, water and sunsets. Even though this genre of music is often categorized as New Age, it is the reflection of age old magic and serenity.

Let Steven Vitali provide emotional strength for your film. His melodies and arrangements are memorable, and timeless.


Rebecca Topping Janelli

If Steven was living in Another time, his compositions could be compared to Mozart or Vivaldi. The seemingly complex yet delicate tapestry Vitali weaves transports listeners to a safe and romantic place. A place where life is completely beautiful. Full of grace, light and harmony. Where the listener can feel Vitali’s inspiration for a world care free. Where there are no borders,

biases, and strife. Where one can feel anxiety and worry melt away. A vacation into sheer perfection, interpreted by each

individual regardless of nationality or spoken language.

Vitali is a composer whose music will last and appeal for generations. Just as the classic great composers before

him, the genius of his musical gifts will last forever.


Score Composer

Steven Vitali

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Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production

Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production presents to you Steven Vitali. He is our official score composer and artist for the company. Vitali's music is the perfect artistic marriage for large or small screen film productions.

Seven Vitali primarily recognized for his instrumentals that have topped the charts. His music is featured in movies, on television, and on broadcast radio networks through out the world. He is an award-winning Hollywood composer, arranger, and music producer.

Let Steven Vitali provide emotional strength for your film. His melodies and arrangements are memorable, and timeless.

In 2016, Vitali moved to Los Angeles, California, from Canada. After winning Hollywood's 2018 Best Contemporary Instrumental of the Year, Steven Vitali has gone on to win multiple other awards in multiple countries.

Steven Vitali is a multi-award-winning, globally renowned composer, arranger, recording artist, and soundtrack composer. The genres of instrumental, new age, and theme music are all used to his work. He is renowned for his extraordinary inventiveness, vivacity, and adaptability. The music is heard on radio, television, and in movies; it is vivid, poignant, and unforgettable. With great praise, Vitali has performed for admirers, dignitaries, and other celebrities.

Steven Vitali has a proven track record as a charted, marketable and successful, International Artist. As a part of the musical tapestry of our universe, Steven has made some remarkable contributions.

To his chart topping hits, Steven has made his mark on the music scene. His music is compared to that of John Barry, Hans Zimmer, Yanni & Vangelis.

Compelling musical themes, moving lyrical phrasing, powerful crescendos and genius auditory imaging are just a few ways that Steven's score compositions have been described. No matter what the film style. Steven's music perfectly compliments every cinematic mood and theme. He creates arrangements that resonate with form and originality. Imperceptibly and seamlessly, his scores flow between each frame and completes the composition.

Steven Vitali is able to explain music to a wide audience, in a clear and definitive manner. Steven Vitali's masterful music is built on romantic structure. It is all at once lyrical, rhythmical, and harmonically opulent. Vitali is a composer, arranger, and performer, equally at home writing for radio, the concert hall, or for film.

© 2024 Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production


Feature Documentary



The feature length documentary film supports the Salton Sea by showing the beauty and the life that surrounds it. From the Pacific Coast, to the town of El Centro, California, near the U.S - Mexico border this multi award-winning film delivers to the viewers in epic proportions footage and interviews that are breathtaking, heartfelt and full of life.

The Jewels of the Salton Sea

Wins 43 Awards & 8 Nominations

This feature-length documentary, is narrated by the legendary Hollywood actor Michael Madsen, who also makes a star appearance in our film. The film also has an incredibly famous archival cast.

 If an enthralling, compelling, and riveting documentary that takes you on an awe-inspiring journey is what you are seeking, then look no further than The Jewels of the Salton Sea.

Learn about the many Jewels of the Salton Sea and how VITAL it is to our planet. Researcher Grace Vitali shares her experience of traveling to the Sea.

 An incredible journey that tells us yet an inspiring story, that of wings and courage.

We intend to demonstrate to the world, through our research, why it is imperative that we protect the environment in California for future generations. The Salton Sea is a unique location on Earth, and its existence looks quite natural. An amazing voyage that shares with you another brave and wing-filled tale.

The late Sonny Bono and the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge are honored in this feature-length documentary.

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